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Traditional Wool Tartan Kilts

Every day wear kilts made in a traditional style!
 Kilts custom made for just for you.
Lads, lassies, and wee ones too!

Neo Kilts are a high quality kilt made in a traditional style using modern materials and high quality craftsmanship as a bridge between everyday trousers and the revered highland garment.  The result is a classic style kilt that is designed to be worn everyday in a modern world.

And in addition to making modern kilts, NeoKilt™ is now offering our line of custom, made-for-you wool tartan kilts.

A word
from Josh:

Why a Neo Kilt?
  • We maintain the traditional look of the kilt.
                1. Double apron fronts
                2. Full pleating across the back
                3. Buckles and straps for adjustability
  • Neo kilt signature features let you design your own kilted look!
                1. Custom fit to you
                2. Custom embroidery
                3. Custom tartans available
                4. Tartan pleat/swatch
                5. Made with different materials
                6. Women's kilts
                7. Children and babies
                8. Formal Kilts
  • "Hidden" pockets - All Neo Kilts (except minis) come with pockets.  There is a "Hidden" pocket tucked into the 1st pleat on the right and left sides of your Neo Kilt, that way you have the use of a small but conveinient pocket but you dont lose the sharp lines and appearance of a traditional kilt.
  • Neo Kilts are made for easy care!
                1. Washable
                2. Our pleats are sewn in along the edge for low maintenance